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Increasing Your Site Sales With Twitter
[2009-02-10] Mike Ober from Yahoo Small Business has posted a fantastic article, "The Twitter Train of Social Ecommerce"

Increase Your Online Sales With Special Incentives
[2009-01-11] Just before Christmas I had the opportunity to meet with a colleague in one of my networks who was interested in exploring options for developing his business this year.

Make The Most of This Holiday With Cart Optimization Tips
[2008-12-12] We're in the home straight of the holiday season with the finishing line in sight. For online retailers - it's your last chance to boost your 2008 revenue, and so it's vital that your e-commerce website is performing at its best.

Build Customer Sales Documents With BigMachines Cloud Applications
[2008-11-04] BigMachines, Inc. announced that it is developing a new native application on the platform from The announcement was made today at Dreamforce '08,'s User and Developer Conference. The new application will enable sales teams and channels to easily generate professional sales documents from within a Salesforce CRM opportunity.

How Do Online Customers Feel?
[2008-10-10] What are consumers saying about the web? A recent Harris Interactive survey highlights trends in online transactions and the opportunities for companies that focus on improving these online customer experiences.

PR For Your Online Business
[2008-09-12] Whatever business you're in, press releases and PR campaigns can be a crucial factor in your success.

No Credit Card? No Problem.
[2008-08-01] Since I learned earlier this month about the Chinese and their dedication to workarounds regarding blogging, I have looked for other things that this ancient culture is doing to move itself into a modern economic powerhouse. I used to think that it would be best for my kids to learn Spanish as a second language here in the US but based on what might be coming down the pike from Asia, they may need to know Mandarin to compete in the future global economy.

Video Influence on eCommerce
[2008-06-25] There were a few presentations from Internet Retailer about video that piqued my interest.

The Battle Between Fixed Prices and Auctions
[2008-06-06] Very interesting post from Nick Carr re. eBay's auctions vs. fixed price selling. In a nutshell, Carr, and BusinessWeek, state:

eBay's Lawsuit Against Craigslist
[2008-05-02] The public version of eBay's lawsuit against craigslist was filed this week, with a number of redactions (legal for 'censored bits') removed from the official filing, at the request of craigslist (which include the exact number of shares that eBay owns, the exact proportions of shares that others hold, etc.

Wal-Mart Pulls SonyBMG & WMG Downloads
[2008-04-04] has gone mp3 only without product from SonyBMG and WMG. EMI and Universal catalog has been available DRM-free on the site since late summer.

Top Online Retailers In January
[2008-03-14] Following the holiday bonanza, January can be a dead month for many retailers. Recent numbers from Nielsen revealed the ten companies that best survived (in terms of online conversion rates) the quiet time.

Online Shoppers Read Several Reviews
[2008-02-22] User reviews are all the rage in online retail. And now a recent study shows that online shoppers typically read multiple reviews before making a purchase online.

Get the First Experience Right
[2008-02-01] I found some stunning figures on the web site regarding Ecommerce, seriously, I always knew the internet was going to be big, but these numbers are mind-boggling.

Google Checkout Trends Not Ready For Prime Time
[2008-01-11] Google has created a version of its Trends search comparison tool that allows people to look at Google Checkout and what people buy with it.

82% Of Online Holiday Shoppers Happy
[2007-12-21] A majority of online shoppers (82%), report being very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with the customer support available during their online holiday shopping experience this year, according to Nielsen Online.

Comparison Shopping Traffic Increases 56%
[2007-11-09] Comparison shopping websites saw an increase in the online market share of visits last week compared to the same week in 2006, Hitwise reported recently.

Consumers Trust Online CPG Reviews
[2007-10-19] Consumer product reviews are becoming more trusted according to a Deloitte Consumer Product Group study. Deloitte revealed that 62 percent of Internet users read product reviews written by fellow consumers.

Wal-Mart Doesn't Want Your Call
[2007-10-05] Wal-Mart is taking a step backwards when it comes to online customer service. The retail giant said it would no longer offer its customers the choice of being able to speak to a customer service representative if they have problems with an order.

Amazon Announces Developer Contest
[2007-09-14] Amazon Web Services, a subsidiary of, has launched the Amazon Web Services Start-Up Challenge, a contest for entrepreneurs and software developers in which the winner will receive $50,000 in cash, $50,000 in Amazon Web Service (AWS) credits and an investment offer from Amazon.

Wal-mart's Internet Mindset
[2007-07-27] Wal-mart has changed its mindset. Andy Sernovitz sees it as a landmark moment for consumer empowerment and word of mouth. Whichever way you look at it, something very dramatic has happened.

Top 10 eCommerce Developments of the Last 10 Years
[2007-07-13] The Software & Information Industry Association has come out with what they're calling the top ten most important eCommerce developments of the last decade.

Trends That Signal the Future of Online Retail
[2007-04-30] In the industry I work in, it's easy to get overly passionate about all of the new sites emerging every day that fit into this Web2.0 classification the industry has created.

eCommerce and Efficiency - A Stock Photography Example
[2007-03-12] Speed is everything when it comes to trade and commerce. You might have the best ice cream sundae in the world, but if it takes you an hour to make it and another hour to deliver it, you've lost a lot of potential customers.

Improving the Odds Of Success In eCommerce
[2007-02-20] Technological advances have allowed a series of potential revenue streams in the world of ecommerce.