Beat Credit Card Chargebacks
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Fraud is the #1 Reason For Chargebacks
Kount Reduces Fraud...FAST

Kount is the most advanced fraud detection and prevention platform available today for card-not-present (CNP) merchants. More than a fraud solution, Kount is a proactive fraud strategy. Watch this video to see just how Kount works.

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Kount's fraud prevention platform helps you maximize sales while reducing fraud losses. We've helped many clients get out from under the crippling effects of fraud and excessive chargebacks. If we can't reduce fraud and get your chargebacks under control in less than 60 days you don't pay a penny. Now you can accept more orders, from more people in more markets than ever before, with Kount.

See what Kount can do for your business to reduce fraud losses and increase sales. Kount

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