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Live Chat Comparison Report 2012 Live Chat Comparison Report 2012
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The crowded market of live chat providers can be confusing and daunting to sort through. But the Live Chat Market Overview 2012 makes sense of the chaos. This thorough report, authored by a former Gartner analyst, studies the market leaders in great detail to help you find the reliable, scalable solution that's right for you.

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This report takes a look at 8 leading live chat providers and provides analytic tools to help your firm evaluate the "fit" of each.

Bullet The most comprehensive report on live chat technology
providers available.
Bullet Compares 8 providers across 20+ features and 15+ other critical factors.
Bullet Covers recent market acquisitions and new entrants.
Bullet Provides multi-variant analysis to help uncover strengths and
Bullet Includes thoughtful commentary and guidance on past and
present trends.

If you're looking for a live chat provider, or if you already have one and want to see how they compare, download the Live Chat Comparison 2012 report now.

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Download report Excerpts from the report:

"....the companies in the live chat specialists vendor space are, to a large degree, the pioneers of live chat"

"...the required skill sets of live chat agents are very different from telephony agents. They must be treated differently to be effective."

" initial level of convergence is taking place that is creating a new technology segment..."

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Download report Download report

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