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Just released, Mobile Survey Report.
The excitement around using mobile devices to make payments has been building for half a decade. Nearly all the attention, however, has been on leveraging the opportunities rather than dealing with the fraud problems everyone knows will happen when mobile payments scale.

Recently, Kount, and The Fraud Practice conducted an in-depth international survey on mobile payments and the fraud landscape, from the perspective of online merchants, acquirers, card networks, issuers and payment service providers. The goal of the survey was to understand how these groups are addressing fraud in the mobile channel. We received over 400 responses, analyzed those results by stakeholders and compiled the findings in a 60 page report. The report provides valuable insights to the current environment and future plans of the mobile channel.

Kount is the most advanced fraud solution and prevention platform available today for card-not-present (CNP) merchants. More than a fraud solution, Kount is a proactive fraud strategy. Kount's fraud prevention platform helps you maximize sales with better fraud protection, so you can sell more, to more people, in more markets, than ever before.

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