Boost Sales, Beat Fraud [Free ROI Analysis]
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Find out how Kount's fraud prevention platform could save you a bundle. Free ROI Analysis Click Here
Free ROI Analysis. Fraud doesn't pay. Fraud prevention should.
> 15 minutes. That's all the time we need to show you how Kount's fraud prevention platform could save you a bundle.

Time is valuable, but this 15 minutes could be priceless for your business. Our FREE ROI Analysis will help illustrate how you can increase sales revenue while reducing the risks associated with fraudulent transactions.

  Your FREE ROI Analysis will review questions like:

> Is your false positive rate too high?
> How can I reduce my chargebacks?
> Can I expand internationally without risk?
> Am I maximizing sales conversions?
> Can I reduce or eliminate manual reviews of orders?

Expand your business with confidence and increase your sales without additional risk from fraud.

> Download Report

Kount is the most advanced fraud prevention platform available for card-not-present merchants. Kount gives online businesses the confidence to sell more products to more people in more places than ever before. Increase revenue and expand into new markets without increasing the risk of fraud, with Kount.


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