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December 3, 2013
Chris Crum Will Ecommerce On Yelp Be Embraced By Businesses?
By Chris Crum
Yelp may be well known as a reviews site, where you can go to find out what people have said about a restaurant your thinking about trying or a plumber you’re considering calling to fix your sink. Through most of its life, that’s essentially what it has been.

Yelp is evolving, however, and you can probably expect it to start looking a lot different in months and years to come as it looks to “close the loop” in transactions between businesses and consumers. Yelp doesn’t just want to show users what people have said about a business. It wants them to engage with that business and make that Yelp listing visit actually mean something.

Do you think Yelp can help get you more sales? Let us know in the comments. [...]

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