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It’s All About Mobile, Millennials and Most Importantly ... Me!

That’s right. Consumers want more personalized levels of service from retailers this year, both in-store and online. They are expecting a when-I-want-it, where-I-want-it retail experience. To meet these needs, e-commerce retailers need to move their mobile strategy to the #1 spot on this year’s “hot projects” list. Do you want to know what else to expect and prepare for in 2015?

Download 2015 Trends & Strategies for the Commerce Marketer

In “2015 Trends & Strategies for the Commerce Marketer,” Bronto‘s experts show you what to expect in 2015, with topics including:

  • The mainstream birth of wearables, beacons and location-based triggers
  • Smart phone vs. tablet: where should you place your bet?
  • Why Millennials are the e-commerce marketers' new Boomers
  • How Branding + Storytelling x Content = Revenue
  • And many more 2015 trends, strategies and predictions

Download Bronto‘s newest white paper now and prepare for this groundbreaking new year in commerce marketing.


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