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3 Major Trends Unleash a Perfect Storm of Fraud - Download eBook

A Perfect Storm of Fraud: 3 Major Trends Converge
3 Major Trends Converge to Unleash a Tsunami of CNP Fraud
1. October deadline for EMV implementation: As EMV makes card-present fraud at brick-and-mortar retailers more difficult and more expensive, eCommerce merchants should be prepared for huge increases in fraud attacks as fraudsters shift to easier targets (you didn't think they'd retire, did you?).
2. Unprecedented data breaches continue: This push is further fueled by the glut of cheap, weaponized data from more than 1,500 breaches in the past year.
3. Skyrocketing mobile adoption (mCommerce): Add to that the new fraud risks introduced by soaring mobile commerce, and you have a Perfect Storm of Fraud that threatens even the smallest eCommerce merchants.
But before you shut ALL the water-tight doors, remember that striking a balance between barring suspected fraudulent transactions and enabling legitimate transactions is key. It requires a sophisticated and intelligent fraud prevention solution that can be easily customized to meet the unique needs of your business. Download this eBook to find out about:
  • EMV pushing fraud into the CNP environment
  • Cheap, weaponized data from breaches
  • New fraud vulnerabilities from fast-growing mobile commerce
  • Recommendations for weathering the storm
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