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Newsletter Archive: 2005

Consumer Website Marketing With Content: The Case Of Amazon
Amazon is widely recognized as the most successful ecommerce site in history. Much discussion has been devoted to the role of Amazon's affiliate program, website usability, website personalization, and capital investments. But little attention has been paid to the vital role content plays on the Amazon site, and how big an advantage Amazon has over its competitors thanks to content...

It’s Just Another Cyber Monday
Cyber Monday, I know, it's all you've been hearing about for the last week and a half. It's like Black Friday for retailers but for online retailers, we get it.

Digitization: Maximizing Economic Value from Large-Scale Projects
Many service providers claim to offer the best price and highest quality, but few have the expertise and experience you need when tackling a large-scale digitization project. Uninformed choices can trigger a good deal of wasted time and expense. What do you need to know to make the right decisions?

Take Your E-Commerce Operations to the Next Level
StoreFront, the leader in e-commerce solutions, is offering an in-depth look at the challenges facing merchants as they attempt to meet increasingly complex e-commerce objectives.

Evaluating Vendors Of Ecommerce Fulfillment Services
Once your website has secured an order, you have to fulfill it. While the fulfillment of digital goods is usually handled online, the delivery of physical goods is handled in a "brick-and-mortar" world.

Download Latest Edition: Insider's Guide to eCommerce Payment
Based on a major independent survey and the collected experiences of leading web merchants, this guide offers more than just statistical data. The Insider’s Guidegives you real-world tools, best practices, and the payoffs for managing online payments.

Bronfman Bashes Jobs Over 99 Cents
Edgar Bronfman Jr calls Steve Jobs and Apple 'unfair' when it comes to pricing all songs at the same 99 cent level. Some songs are more equal than others. Ask anyone who's ever shelled out $17.99 or more for a CD containing a dozen songs, only to find one or two of them at all worth hearing.

LinkShare To Be Rakuten's Biggest Acquisition Ever
Japanese Internet shopping portal Rakuten is buying Internet Capital Group partner Linkshare Corporation for about $425 million in cash.
Rakuten is very well known in Japan for its on-line shopping, travel, golf reservations, community and greeting cards sites...

Japanese Music Providers Have Long Road To Hoe
When one company becomes the first to tap a geyser of a market, every other company that follows suit just looks like a bunch of copycat opportunists, even if they had it planned in advance of their rival's success.

Windows Of Opportunity For Google
Google has launched version 2.0 of Google Desktop, the free software that lets you do a load of things from your PC in addition to searching for files.
Murdoch Blinkx: News Corp’s Search For Search

Media Monster Rupert Murdoch said he wanted in on the search business and he might just be getting there. The LA Times reported Monday that Murdoch's News Corp. is negotiating for the acquisition of Blinkx, a media based search engine. 08.15.05

E-commerce: The Bop Approach
For centuries and most of the decades in the 20th century (i.e when computer was invented) access and communication was the tool of rich and ultra rich people, prohibitively expansive to ‘not so rich' and ‘not at all rich' people.

The first fully hosted AND supported mail solution
To be the best service company your organization has ever done business with. Other companies say support is a priority. Rackspace shows it. They are committed to providing the customer with amazing managed hosting services backed by a policy they call Fanatical Support™.

EBay Bets On ProStores Revenue
With some sellers seeking the greener pastures of their own web sites, eBay seeks to retain their presences.

Managed Hosting Essentials
The level of service you receive at Rackspace makes you feel like you're their only customer. It's what Rackspace calls Fanatical Support™. When you need to talk to somone, you'll find level 3 technicians available--anytime you call. These are the techs that can give you real answers, not just write up a ticket and pass you along the chain of command. You can always expect Rackspace to answer the call and go beyond.

Web-Based Ad Spending Reaches $2.8 Billion
As online advertising continues it's rise as one of the preferred methods for delivering your message, the amount of money being spent on web-based advertising is increasing as well.

Improving Customer Relationships: Beyond The Buzz
Customers are always a hot topic. But lately the discussions on customer relationships, including retention, satisfaction, and loyalty, have intensified. What is the basis for these discussions, and more importantly, what are leading organizations actually doing to improve customer relationships?

Yahoo Completes The Overture
Yahoo Inc. completed the process begun in 2003 with the purchase of Overture Services Inc. by bringing them into the brand and calling them Yahoo Search Marketing for the U.S. market. Yahoo will extend the renaming to everywhere except Japan and Korea and the Overture name will stand there.

Yahoo Buys Flickr
The first time I used Flickr, I knew it was something different and something important. It took me a while to figure out and try to articulate exactly what that was, but I took my first swipe back in September when I called it a Next Generation Web Service. In that posting, I said

Ecommerce And The Real Need For Organic SEO
It has been well documented that people are using search engines to research and buy products online.

Business Intelligence Solutions For The Retail Industry
Some industries, such as financial services, have become very sophisticated in using BI software for financial reporting and consolidation, customer intelligence, regulatory compliance, and risk management. However, retailers are quickly catching up and beginning to recognize the many areas of BI that can be applied specifically to their businesses.

Outsourcing Your Ecommerce Order Fulfillment
When your eCommerce business grows to the point where you can no longer package and ship the orders yourself, it's time to begin outsourcing your order fulfillment.

SightMax vs. LivePerson
SightMax is a live chat and real-time live monitoring software package that allows online businesses to proactively interact with website visitors.

Conflict Between Managers And Shareholders
In the catechism of capitalism, shares represent the part-ownership of an economic enterprise, usually a firm. The value of shares is determined by the replacement value of the assets of the firm, including intangibles such as goodwill. The price of the share is determined by transactions among arm's length buyers and sellers in an efficient and liquid market.

A New Age Of Small-Unit Leadership
Recent mergers in many industries remind me of a point that Gen. Dwight Eisenhower often made, "Generals move the pins on a map," he would say, "but the front-line troops have to get the job done."