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Newsletter Archive: 2006

Amazon To Launch DRM-Free Music Store?
The rumor mill is running hot and heavy with underground rumblings that Amazon may be entering the digital music marketplace as early as the 2007 first quarter. It is speculated that the company will offer DRM-free mp3 tracks and offer a variable pricing structure for participating record labels.

Date: 2006-12-22

Compare This, Shopper!
One in three online users visit a comparison shopping engine during the holidays, and Internet entrepreneurs should understand how they differ from conventional search engines. Our Chris Richardson took in the discussion of these services at SES Chicago.

Date: 2006-12-07

PriceFight Search Engine Steps Into The Ring
There are only a few days left until the holiday shopping season begins in earnest, and a new shopping search engine has made its presence known just in time.

Date: 2006-11-20

Jeff Bezos Talks Amazon Web Services
I've always liked Jeff Bezos persona as he comes off as a very honest and energetic guy who's passionate about the web and what can be done on it. He started out by talking about the Amazon we know today that has 61 million active buyers and will surpass 10 billion in 2006 sales.

Date: 2006-11-10

Web 2.0 In ECommerce
There has never been a better time to start an online business! According to Jupiter Research, a market research firm, online retail spending in the United States will increase to a whopping $95 billion in 2006.

Date: 2006-10-27

Social Media And E Commerce
When social media touches sales marketers pay attention...Market research firm Compete has released a report on the convergence of social networking and e-commerce, reorts ClickZ.

Date: 2006-10-20

Why Website Globalization Should Matter To International Businesses
What kind of financial return should a company expect when it globalizes its website? If it translates the e-commerce pages, will more people buy? Or is English enough for the still English-saturated web?

Date: 2006-10-06

Why Your Company Should Be Selling On eBay
Why your company should be selling on eBay Summary Sale on eBay accounts to 10% of the entire world's ecommerce sales and in the UK, eBay accounts for more page views than Google, Yahoo and MSN put together.

Date: 2006-09-29

Niche Sites Rule Back-to-School
Nielsen//NetRatings released a report on Tuesday revealing the top ten fastest growing online shopping destinations during the back-to-school rush. The results indicate that timing is important for targeting the right market; too early or too late gets an "F." But the niche is rules them all.

Date: 2006-09-15

EBay Faces Accusation Over Data Retention
Privacy International (PI) has accused eBay of employing unfair "data retention practices."

Date: 2006-09-01

EBay Vendors Call For Google Auction Site
At first, the cause sounds like it might be a write-off; just one angry person's crusade against eBay.

Date: 2006-08-18
How Podcasts Impact B2B Purchase Decisions
A key aspect of lead generation is to engage people as early in their buying process as possible, because that's where you can make the biggest difference. Simply put, engage early and often.

Date: 2006-07-14

Conversion Optimization: Picking Up Where SEO Leaves Off
Search engine optimization (SEO) gets them to the site. What they do (or don't do) once SEO has done its job is up to the site owner or designer.

Date: 2006-06-23

Download: New Ecommerce Mktg Research - Trends & Metrics
Find out what 1,101 e-commerce marketers revealed to MarketingSherpa about response and retail metrics for consumer products, services and more.

Date: 2006-06-16

Web Search To Sale Tracked By New Product
The research firm comScore Networks will offer a product that will measure "consumer behavior from an initial Web search to subsequent conversions", according to ClickZNews.

Date: 2006-06-09

Microsoft Taking Classifieds To China
Windows Live Expo, Microsoft's answer to Craigslist and Google Base, will be launched in China and five other countries before the end of 2006.

Date: 2006-05-26

Overstock Cancels Stock Sale
Late Tuesday (May 9) said a subpoena was delivered from the Securities and Exchange Commission that related to a "broad range" of documents, including those related to the company's short-selling allegations.

Date: 2006-05-12

Microsoft Talks Money In NYC
The Financial Services Developer Conference in New York will promote the .Net Framework as the place to develop next generation financial applications.

Date: 2006-04-25

Reverse Logistics In ECommerce
It's no secret that a positive experience delivered to a customer determines whether that customer will come back.

Date: 2006-04-14

Ether You Pay, Or You Donít Talk To Me
Let's pretend we're professionals here, people, and not say the first thing that comes to our minds. Ether, a new division of Ingenio, has set up a web service that lets you charge other people to talk to you on the phone. Don't say it...

Date: 2006-03-31

Calling All Conversions
Well it's that time again - time to renew my cell phone contract. Should I keep the same provider?

Date: 2006-03-17

One Small Step For PayPal...
In the ever-evolving world of mobile commerce, a logical area of future opportunity is payments made through mobile devices. It is only natural that as mobile search grows, so should the ability to process mobile payments.

Date: 2006-03-10

ITunes Hits One Billion Downloads
Michigan resident Alex Ostrovsky downloaded the one billionth song from Apple's iTunes Music Store just past midnight Thursday. In doing so, Ostrovsky rocked his way into a lot of loot.

Date: 2006-02-24

10 Secrets to Successful Customer Service Ė Whitepaper
Provide the same top-quality service no matter what your volume of inquiries. Web-based customer service delivers quick access to information, providing your customers with answers fast - no waiting on hold or for an email reply. Communications are streamlined across the many contact channels customers prefer.

Date: 2006-02-22

AdWords Professional For Non-U.S. Companies
The Google AdWords Professionals program is now available for non-U.S. companies.

Date: 2006-02-03

Where Did You Shop During The Holidays?
Reuters has the latest Hitwise data for shopping-related web activity during December.

Date: 2006-01-13

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